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Sea Star Festival

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24th – 25th May 2024, Umag (Croatia)

We recently had the pleasure of attending the Sea Star Festival in Umag, and we can’t stop raving about our incredible experience! From the moment we arrived, we were enveloped in a vibrant, joyful atmosphere that truly set this event apart.

The festival grounds were bustling with excitement, filled with friendly faces and positive energy. Everywhere we looked, there were happy festival-goers dancing or simply enjoying the moment. The music lineup was diverse, catering to a variety of tastes that ranged from techno to more pop-commercial and even some native hip-hop vibes. The stunning seaside location added an extra layer of magic to the event – there’s something special about listening to amazing music with the sound of waves in the background and the cool breeze on our faces.

What struck us the most was the sense of community. We felt connected to everyone around us, sharing smiles, laughter, and unforgettable moments with both friends and strangers alike. It was heartwarming to see people from all walks of life coming together to celebrate music and art. The sense of togetherness was palpable, and it felt like we were part of something truly special. On Friday, as the sun rise at 06:00 am the festival transformed into a mesmerizing spectacle of lights and colors. We kept on dancing until morning, the cool sea breeze blending with the warm energy of the crowd, creating moments that will stay with us forever. On Saturday, the main stage was packed with dancers of all ages, revealing the potential of this festival to connect diverse people and make them party together.

The Sea Star Festival also stood out for its excellent organization. Despite the large crowds, everything ran smoothly. The facilities were clean and well-maintained, and the staff were incredibly helpful and attentive. It was evident that a lot of thought and care had been put into ensuring that everyone had a seamless and enjoyable experience.

We left the Sea Star Festival with our hearts full and minds brimming with cherished memories. It’s more than just a music festival; it’s a celebration of life, love, and the joy of shared experiences. We can’t wait to return next year and relive the magic all over again. If you’re looking for an event that encapsulates the essence of happiness and togetherness, in a relaxing maritime location, the Sea Star Festival is an absolute must-attend!

Dreamland Festival

8th – 9th September 2023, Lanzada (Italy)

During the past week we found ourself mesmerised in Lanzada, ready for a two-days dancing festival in the radiant heart of the Italian Alps. We embarked on a pulsating journey we’ll never forget. It was no typical vacation but an intense expedition marked by the rhythm of electronic beats – a two-day music festival that stole our heart with its electrifying symphonies.

Day one took an auspicious start as the sun set with a promise of endless moonlit memories. Vibrating basslines echoed off cobblestone streets, drawing not only locals but countless global visitors into the heart of the party. Under the spectacular canvas of the Italian Alpine sky, the overwhelming energy of unity and music pulsed through the thriving crowd, each beat taking us deeper into the shared experience. As DJs from across the world took their spots on the main stage, their sounds transformed the atmosphere. The synergistic blend of throbbing backbeats, refrains of electro-pop, subtle riffs of techno, wailing synths of trance, and the intensity of house music created a rich tapestry of sonic experiences as varied yet harmonized as Italy’s rich cultural history.

Amidst the frenzy of dancing and gleeful camaraderie, incredible light shows dazzled our eyes. Lasers fired like shooting stars, weaving through the stage and out into the crowd. Pulsating, day-glo colors painted the night, intensifying each sound and beat. As the music escalated, so did the light show, whipping the crowd into a frenzy reflecting the energy projected from the stage. Also enhancing the sensory overload were the numerous food stalls, infusing the air with delectable scents. Authentic Italian paninis, traditional pizzas, and local artisan beers were the crowd’s favorites. Not to forget, the mouth-watering gelato stands for sweet respites between the heart-thumping electronic sets.

On the second day, the festival seemed right out of a dream. With the sprawling, vibrant crowd, the explosive event continued from where it left, feeding off the electrifying energy from the previous night. New DJs spun their magic, with Reinassance and Gabry Ponte seamlessly mixing EDM genres, reinforcing the unerring synchrony between electronic music and the ecstatic crowd. The grand finale was simply unforgettable, as the captivating melodies of Morten and Don Diablo filled the night, transforming the crowd into a single, undulating organism, moving in perfect harmony with the hypnotic beats. Each pulse of bass resonated deep within us, effortlessly transcending verbal conversation, and creating a unique language composed of rhythm and movement. As the final beats sounded beneath the expansive, star-studded sky, we all knew we were part of something extraordinarily profound.

When we finally turned away from the festival grounds, it was with a sense of profound satisfaction. The rhythm of the music still echoed in our ears, and the energy of the crowd left a lasting residue. As ardent lovers of electronic music, our Dreamland festival experience surpassed our wildest expectations. The music, the Alpine backdrop, the camaraderie among festival-goers, the food, and everything in between was nothing short of magical. Looking back now, a few days post-festival, we still hear the faint echo of a pulsating bassline, we still taste the rich tang of authentic Italian food, and we still see twinkling fairy lights adorning radiant faces. Countless stories were born and countless bonds were forged in the vibrations of the music.

To those considering such an adventure, all we have to say is ‘Andiamo’—Let’s go! Lose yourself in the sea of people from all walks of life, gathering in the breathtaking beauty of the Alps. The experience isn’t just about sensational performances; it’s about connectivity and feeling the rhythm of life. It’s a two-day journey that transcends into a lifetime of euphoric memories and experiences etched on your heart forever.

Get ready for Dreamland 2024, where mountain culture meets electronic beats!

Delta Festival

23rd – 27th August 2023, Marseille (France)

August is almost over, but we decided to let it finish in the most conveniente way: we slipped again on our dancing shoes and embarked on a journey to the breathtaking city of Marseille. The reason? To immerse ourselves in the auditory spectacle of the Delta Festival. Picture this: The sun setting over a glistening Mediterranean sea, casting a golden hue over a crowd of new and old friends, all united under a rhythmic banner of music.

From the moment we entered the venue, a wave of energy washed over us. The distinctive blend of French-style electronic music that defines the Delta Festival filled the air, and it was hard not to absorb the contagious high spirits immediately. We danced our hearts out, feet sinking into the warm sand as each pulsating beat of the music entwined with the whispers of the sea breeze. But the heart and soul of our experience were the fascinating individuals we encountered. Each person we met was a unique story narrated through laughter, dance, and shared camaraderie. One of the standouts was Max, a staunch supporter of the festival since its inception. A local of Marseille, Max’s passion for music and his city was so captivating that we couldn’t help but fall more in love with the location. Max introduced us to the festival’s lesser-known treasures, like the ‘Hidden Vinyl’, a corner dedicated to nostalgic music records, whisking us back to bygone eras. Then, there was Irina, who flew all the way from Varsaw to attend her first-ever international music festival. Her enthusiasm was infectious. Irina, a classically trained pianist with a soft spot for techno, painted a vivid picture of the profound impact music made on her life. Watching her soak in every note with closed eyes and a beaming face was a testimony to the transformative power of music, a sentiment shared by everyone at Delta Festival. Our meeting with Lola, the Spanish volunteer collecting plastic waste to keep the festival and its coveted beaches clean, spoke volumes about the festival’s commitment to sustainable enjoyment. Lola’s dedication towards combining her love for music and conservation was heartening to witness. We also got to meet The Buzzegolis, a group of artists intricately involved in curating the festival’s music and art installations. Their groundbreaking work, infusing global music with local influences, created a unique ambiance that was both novel and familiar. They gracefully wove together music, art, and the spirit of Marseille into an extraordinary tapestry that gave the festival its unique soul.

Beyond the music and the people, the festival’s enchanting location deserves a shoutout too. Our strolls along the beach, with its sweeping sea vistas and sandy shores, deeply enhanced our overall experience. The festival seamlessly integrated with its natural surroundings, ensuring we were treated to spectacular sunsets that made the music and the dancing all the more magical. Reflecting on our journey, the Delta Festival wasn’t just about the captivating music, the impressive line-up, or the art installations. It was about people coming together, crossing boundaries of culture, language, and geography, and connecting on a deeper level through a shared love for music. And it is these connections that made our Delta Festival experience truly rich and transformative.

Even as the music notes faded and we waved Marseille goodbye, the rhythm of the Delta Festival continues to echo within us. We can’t wait to make our way back next year, ready for more music, more connections and a whole lot more dancing. So, pack those dancing shoes, and let’s meet next year on the sunny, music-filled shores of Marseille!

Electronic Frunpark

14th August 2023, Linz (Austria)

Sometimes, the most enchanting experiences are discovered not in the bustling heart of a city, but on its outskirts. We recently found such a gem of an experience on the peripheries of Linz. Nestled away in the quaint town of Asten, we had the delightful fortune of attending the powerful Electronic Frunpark – a small, yet vibrant music festival that was anything but small in spirit.

This charming festival was a microcosm of techno music, showcasing some of the brilliant, emerging talents of the genre. The festival was compact, but we appreciated the intimacy it offered. With smaller crowds, we could savor the music in an unparalleled way and connect with fellow festival-goers on a deeper level. Every foot tapping in rhythm, every head nodding to the beats created a beautifully synchronized dance, unifying us in a celebration of electronic soundscapes. The festival’s location was another feather in its cap. The serenity of Asten, with its sprawling greenery and tranquil ambiance, was the perfect contrast to the vibrant beats of the electronic music, creating an atmosphere that was nothing short of magical. This small town has many beauty spots within easy reach and sporting activities nearby. A popular destination is Lake Au where you can sunbathe, relax or go for a leisurely stroll. The lake also has cable water skiing. Asten is connected to the Danube Cycleway and therefore popular with pedal pushers. Thanks to its central location Asten makes a great base from which to explore the surrounding sights and attractions, including neighboring Enns, which is Austria’s oldest city.

One can’t talk about the festival without mentioning the mind-blowing light show that accompanied the music. The electrifying visuals added an extra layer to our experience, intriguing our senses and captivating our souls. Each vibrant light rhythmically danced with the beats, filling the air with an unmatched exhilarating aura. What stood out to us was the enthusiasm and commitment of the artists. Their passion for their craft, coupled with their dedication to providing an unforgettable experience to their audience, was clearly visible in their electrifying performances, setting the stage on fire.

In the end, the size of a festival doesn’t dictate its intensity or merriment. Electronic Frunpark stands as a testament to this fact!

Open Beatz

27th – 30th July, Nuremberg (Germany)

When it comes to music festivals that captivate the senses and souls, the Open Beatz Festival in Herzogenaurach (Bavaria) unquestionably takes the crown. With vivacious notes charging the atmosphere and sweeping landscapes offering a feast for the eyes, the festival is indeed a haven for music aficionados.

As we stepped into the festival ground, we were greeted by a phenomenal array of music genres, from electronic to tech-pop, beautifully assembled under the Bavarian sky. The impressive line-up of established and emerging artists elevated the musical ambiance, taking attendees on a roller coaster of rhythms, sounds, and emotions. However, the pièce de résistance of the festival was nothing less than the spectacle of fire games. As twilight descended, it was truly captivating to see the main stage come alive with leaping flames dancing rhythmically to the beat of the music. This dazzling performance was indeed a feast for both ears and eyes. Seeing the flames illuminate the artists’ performances on stage, we couldn’t help but marvel at the synchronicity between the fire and the music. The fire games were no mere background display; they were an integral part of the performances, enhancing each note with their visual crescendo. Each beat corresponded with a leap of flame, each melody echoed in the soft glow, making the music almost visible!

The hypnotic patterns of fire and light thrown by the expert fire artists enthralled all of us, as the warmth illuminated a sea of awe-struck faces. Throughout the festival, the stage transformed into a canvas of energy and light playing out an extraordinary visual symphony. But let’s not forget the bewitching backdrop of Herzogenaurach’s captivating natural beauty. This scenic festival locale brought in the perfect blend of tranquility to balance the vivacious energy of Open Beatz. Being able to experience this extravaganza amid Bavarian serenity was the perfect cherry on the sundae! This was our first experience at the Open Beatz festival, which left us us exhilarated and longing for more!

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